Sekeping Serendah, Malaysia

City life can be suffocating. So bunch of my friends planned for this mini getaway~! There are 3 types of 'sheds' available (glass, timber and warehouse).

 Due to the number of people, we opted for the warehouse.

Before going to the place, we did some extensive research on the direction to the place. Man, the place is pretty much hidden. No signboards no nothing. And we had to pass by some rural kampung villages to reach the destination.

The only sign that we saw pointing towards the place was just a stone with a spray painted arrow and direction.

The pathways for car is very narrow. Only one car at a time can go up the hill to unload our stuff and make a U-turn on a narrow platform, serious.

Beds are placed on the second floor (if you would call that a 'floor'). There are no walls at all. Everything is exposed (except the roof, duhh).

The girls are obviously going crazy cause the only protection  from the critters are just some nets over the bed (below).

Not bad though, but it can be quite cold during the night. Could be worst if it rains.

After settling down with our stuff in the warehouse. We head on to the waterfall, which is around a 5 minutes drive. Nothing out of the ordinary.

So head back when it's near dinner time. But we found some narrow walkway through the forest. So we did it like those fools in horror movies that often got killed first due to their stupid curiosity. And at the end of the path, we found this awesome pool. Not your everyday pool, quite unique and industrial.

After some trolling in the pool, we headed back to the warehouse to prepare for our dinner (aww yeah, barbecue!).

We summoned the caretaker with a bell and he came by with some barbecue tools (some metal mesh and coals) and started the fire for us.


After dinner, like most people, we spent the rest of the night playing stupid games and fill our system with alcohol.

And oftentimes, there's one unfortunate loser.

Next day, breakfast and head back to our sad city life.


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