Hat Yai part 1, Thailand

It's been 2 years since we last visited the beautiful Koh Lipe, Thailand. So we and a couple of friends decided to check out the place and also Hat Yai in a 6 days 5 nights trip. 

Once we got off the airport, we were starving for some local food. The guide (click here for itinerary info, cost and more) brought us to his favorite restaurant. 

The tomyam was superb. It's very fragrant and not too spicy. Mild enough for me to enjoy, moderately (I can't take spice well). 

 Once we got all of our stuffs checked in to the hotel, we headed out to check out the area. We saw this huge temple? that was being renovated or rebuilt, unsure. Too bad, otherwise we would of went in.

The place is filled with a lot of street vendors but too bad we're still full from the previous meal. 

We saw this McDonald chain and agreed that we would later return to try out their pork burgers as it's not available in Malaysia. Their Ronald Mcdonald is greeting guests with Thai's "wai" gesture. I believe this is unique to Thailand.

We then visited the nearby mall to look for some shopping.

 We found this interesting stall selling handcrafted keychains and stuffed dolls. Took this opportunity for some souvenir shopping.

 Dinner time approaches and we headed towards the famous, Asean Night Market. 

This barbecue pork skewer costs only RM1. Crazy cheap for this portion. Very juicy and tender. 

The place was huge and littered with various food stalls. Too bad we can only stuff our stomach so much. 

Once we're done shopping and eating, we headed back to a different mall near out hotel. 

Yep, in the middle of the city.

We found our favorite shop and messed around with appropriate props for each of us. Notice the odd one? lol 

Stay tune for more!
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