Hat Yai part 2, Thailand

After one whole day of messing around and trying out local delicacies, we dozed off and called it a day. 

On the following day, the guide took us to a nice Dim Sum place for breakfast. The weather wasn't looking very good, it rained quite a bit in the night and the weather looked gloomy. 

Despite the look, we were actually having a fun conversation lol. The timing of the photo was impeccable.

The place was rather busy and by the amount of staffs here, you could of guessed how crowded the place will be. 

We ordered a myriad of choices and noticed that the portion of the Dim Sums were different, it was slightly smaller in size. 

It was a glorious feast! 

Despite the smaller portion, the price was dirt cheap. If I remember correctly, it was around RM1.50 per basket (serving). And to top it off, it's half bad! Actually it was quite delicious. The siewmai was juicy and fresh, it didn't taste as bad as some of those frozen ones that I had before. 

Some of which I think was unique to Thailand or I wasn't just unaware. I don't think I've seen this before in Malaysia. It's some kinda vegetable noodles with a piece of Char Siew on it. 

Sad news for the place though. I checked the latest status of the place and turns out it's listed as permanently closed. I'm hoping that it's wrongly listed.

We then headed to Pak Bara pier for the speedboat to Koh Lipe. The drive was 2 hours long. Saw this truck with this 'decorated' cow loaded on it, accompanied by this afro dude.

After 128KM of driving (by the guide), we finally reached the pier. The place was crazy crowded and we expected some waiting given the amount of people going on and off. 

Surely a fan of Captain Jack Sparrow.

I think we waited for over an hour for our turn. Given our previous experience with the speedboat, we decided that the arse (rear) of the boat was the best. One of my friend get seasick easily and it's the least bumpy there. 

Though slightly more comfortable, it's the noisiest part of the boat. The speedboat is powered by 4 engines. So it's a trade off with louder noise.

Throughout the entire boat ride (it's a 1.5-2 hours ride, 60 KM), I can't take my eyes off this cute fella. And it's very well behaved as well. Not sure what it is, some kinda squirrel? Leave a comment if you know :D

Stay tuned for the Koh Lipe post! Bye!

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