Farm In The City, Malaysia

Farm in the City is a place that most animals roams freely. The admission fee of the place is RM30 for adults and RM25 for children below 12.

As mentioned previously, most of the animals here roams freely among human visitors. You also get to feed some of them. :)

 (What you looking at?!)

 Yeah, they even have meerkats!  Of course they're not free to roam. They'd be dancing with Pumbaa.

If you see a bunch of girls surrounding a particular enclosure, they're probably trapped there by the cuteness of the fennex fox. Them big, fluffy ears.

Chipmunk? I forgot.

Play dead.

It was so shy. lol.

Smallest monkey in the world.

A cat and a dog (where's the dog? Look carefully).

"It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!"

Chickens, with pants on them. But they forgot their tails.

This ain't a kangaroo, it's a wallaby.

Decided to try the man-hole instead.

They all sleep, with their beaks under their wings. 

Angry bird.

Notable animal, this is an albino crow.

There are more animals that I didn't upload but those are common animals.
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