Seoul part 2, Korea

Changdeokgung Palace is set within a large park in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It is one of the “Five Grand Palaces” built by the kings of the Joseon Dynasty.

Changdeokgung's Secret Garden is with complete harmony with nature, full of history.
 The garden is never open for you to freely wonder around yourself, you have to take a tour to enter. The tour guide pointed out that the garden was named as the Secret Garden, comes from the fact that only those with the King's permission are allowed to enter. Otherwise, it is off limit to everyone else.

Changdeokgung Secret Garden, Changdeokgung biwon
  Our cute tour lady with traditional dress. Though her jeans were sneaking out of her dress lol.

I guess this is where history of the place are given but it's in Korean.

Saw these old school paddle locks that are still being used in the area. 

These looks yummy....

The place is pretty well kept. Some restoration work were in progress when we visited the area.

   The tour of the secret garden took as long as 2 hours. So we were taking a break here before exploring other parts of the huge palace.

The place is seriously huge. Packed with multiple confusing corridors and pathways such as this one. There were many parts of the palace that were quiet, so we got a bit adventurous.

I think Koreans these days have outgrown their ancestors.

Very cute ahjumma.

We planned to visit the Hongdae Area on Saturday as there'll be a flea market in that area during the weekends. It'll only be there every Saturday at the playground from 1-6pm between March to November.

The flea market is mostly for young artists to showcase their works and creative designs (mostly in souvenir form).

 Egg Cake ๊ณ„๋ž€๋นต..super delicious

Flea Market Hongik, Flea Market Hongdae

cat cafe, hongik, hongdae
 YES , it's a Cat cafe..just opposite the flea market.

It's a verrryyyyy cute and fun place (if you like cats)!
You'll just have to pay the entrance fee and you'll get a free drink. (coffee, juice, tea,..)

Cats 101 for dummies.

Most of the cats are sleepy, I guess from all the play time during the day (we went there near evening). 

 like a boss !!

We had to check if its breathing lol.

This bugger suddenly jumped on and refused to leave. When he tried to push it away, the cat mew in a begging way. :D

We then moved on to Myeong-dong, which is a trendy shopping area (Food and beauty products heaven ) for youngsters.

What I love the most about it is the amount of sample I received! and also the tax refund policy. Plus most cosmetics are so much cheaper in Korea. The crowd is comparable to the night market in Taiwan. Pretty chill, not too busy.

Polar opposite of bored/sleepy and excited lol.

Crazy pile of lemon skins right there. 

 Once we tried out the lemonade, we understood why it sold so well. It's lemonade + some kinda fizzy drink. It's not too sweet and very refreshing.


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