Seoul part 1, Korea

At 8:30 am we arrived at Gimhae international airport (Busan). 
We collected our Olleh wifi egg in the airport and looked for the tourist information counter for the Busan "Grand Sale Coupon" Book. After that, we took the subway to Busan station and  KTX to Seoul.

2013 Busan Grand Sale Coupon Book

On the way to Subway station in Gimhae Airport.

 Busan Station

We went to the ticket counter and redeemed our reserved KR pass. The lady gave us a blue card and told us our departure time and train number. We realized that we are supposed to exchange our blue card to tickets from a different counter. 

Well, that day was public holiday, the train was jam packed and we have to either sit on the floor or stand for 2 hours and 45 minutes. The worst thing is, on the train, there are several food cart ladies. They will push the food cart and pass by every 15-20 minutes. Due to the lack of any empty space, we have to adjust ourselves so that they can turn the cart around and repeat. Super tired.

Correct way : Blue card and Tickets.

Gift from Olleh counter in Airport when we redeemed the wifi egg.

Finally, we arrived in Seoul. The first thing we did is head to our hostel near Samgakji station. The hostel is a bit difficult to find as it is located behind some alley.  
Suncity Hostel nearby Samgakji station in Seoul.
Took a rest and had our dinner in Itaewon.

Yummy Bibimbap

Yummy Bulgogi
After our first meal in Korea, we headed towards N Seoul Tower and Teddy Bear Museum by  bus from Itaewon.

Package (Observatory + Teddy Bear Museum): 14,000 won

 what am i looking at?

Love Tiles

 Love Locks

 We bought this when we were heading down the hill
I'm not sure what this was but it's nice. 

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