Kyoto part 2, Japan

We saw an interesting scene in an anime (K-On) where the school girls visited a mountain and fed some monkey. We did some research and this place is highly recommended. It's the monkey park in Iwatayama.

We saw a couple of these rickshaws around but never got on to try this as we wanted to walk, looks fun. I guess it's a lot more enjoyable if you understands Japanese as it looks like some sorta tour around the area, in Japanese.

Never got sick of these takoyaki, Takoyaki in Japan is best takoyaki. The toppings are different from store to store.

On our way to Iwatayama monkey park. We got lost originally and took the wrong path. Had to ask around and got pointed towards the correct direction. We reached the entrance and was a bit worried that it'll be a flop as it's dead quiet. Not a single tourist was spotted.

God damnit, we're only half way there. And I got more and more nervous as our entire hike, we only saw like 1 person going down hill. 

Finally here! Luckily we kept on going despite the lack of visitors. Most of the visitors were hanging out here on the top. We proceeded in to the small house. We get buy some peanuts here and we're only allowed to feed the monkeys from within the room. We might get mugged if we brought deez nutz outside. 

Once we're done feeding them, we got out to chill with them monkeys. They're pretty well behaved. I guess they're aware that they could only get food around the feeding house.

Here's the view of the area. We hiked all the way up from the bottom. Jesus, that's twice now, with BAD SHOES!

We headed down and saw some street food. This is some rice cake/egg thinggy. Nice and juicy.

Doraemon's favorite, dorayaki. 

Saw this crazy crowded store, filled with girls. Got in and the entire store is filled with handcrafted souvenirs. Immediately understood why the store was filled with girls. lol

Everything is so well made. Not one deformed stuff animal was found.

We then took the train and visited Arashiyama for the beautiful extensive bamboo grove. There are several spots with pretty dense bambo grove so actually kinda got lost in the area but the place is still beautiful nonetheless. 

After some nice stroll through the scenic area, we arrived at Daikakuji Temple. In most part of the temple, you're required to wear their cloth slipper so you don't damage the floor. You'll know why later.

The temple is very well kept and the established pathway for the visitors are very scenic.

How well kept? Look at the floor, it's like a friggin mirror!

Stay tune for more! :D
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