Kyoto, Japan

After years of enjoying animes and mangas, we've finally decided to visit Japan. Well of course, the flight tickets discount helped too.

You know you're in Japan when everything is cute.

 First stop, Fushimi Inari Shrine. Terrible weather, everything look dim and sad. Though it was quite cold (very under dressed). Luckily it wasn't as crowded as I thought, so it's not that bad.

Peep hole. Photos got rather noisy at this point, gloomy weather.

Obligatory blessed water drinking. Was praying hard for the clouds to go away.

Candid shot is always better than pretentious try hard model wannabe shots.

Interesting origami hung along the fence. I was told that these were made by people that wished for something. And the prettier the origamis were made the better their chances of getting their wish fulfilled. 

Time for some local street food. Takoyaki and some skewered pork dipped in some kinda sweet soy sauce. Delicious!

These gates are built along the path way to the top of the mountain (233 meters. Yes, we climbed all the way to the top and our legs regretted every single step). I see different names from different organizations written on these gates. Presumably donated by them. 

I've waited quite a while for this shot. The crowd obviously swarmed the place given the most popular spot in the place. 

The water is freezing cold, they're using it to keep the drinks ice cold. Again, terribly under dressed. 

Typical tourist shot, also an excuse to stop and rest. My legs were breaking apart at this point.

Cat clearly knew how tired we were.

Big groups of students on their way in. So those field trips shown in animes are real. Very jealous. :(

So we left the shrine and searched for a place to rest and eat. It's not hard to look for the type of food that you wanted in Japan. It's almost customary to have plastic food dishes presented near every restaurant, and they are often labeled with price. 

At around 5:30pm, it's already dark. We headed back to the hostel and rested for a bit. We walked around the area, searching for convenient stores. 

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