Nara, Japan

Today, we're visiting Nara to check out some temples and of course, the famous free roaming deers. Legs are still sore as hell from all the stairs yesterday.

We woke up at around 8:30 in the morning, it struck us how cold the temperature can be in Japan. I've clearly underestimated the weather here. Should of brought proper jackets. We headed to the convenient store on our way to the train station for our breakfast.

Saw this on our way to Todaiji Temple in Nara. Not a good sign lol.

Greeted by this fella.

We had to go through this gigantic, but very scenic park. Perfect weather too.

It's amazing that they have these deers free roaming the place. We noticed that they had their horns removed, probably due to previous head butt incidents.

Dat ass tho.

One of many temples within the area.

My first culture shock moment. Deer feed is placed in a cage along with a coin box, you put the money in the box and take the feed yourself. The cage is totally unattended by anyone.

Another temple/shrine among others. For the sense of scale, check out the size of those people near the gate.

Finally, the famous Todaiji Temple. This place is huge! One of the largest temple I've ever seen. It's like they can fit gundams in it. 

We left the place and it's munch time. Had some nice mocchi, people were lining up for this. It's not bad.

Visited the covered street market not too far away. We walked around the area until the evening.

Stay tuned for more!
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