Koh Lipe revisit Part 1, Thailand

After that long, noisy and bumpy ride on the speedboat, we're finally reaching the much anticipated Koh Lipe. 

Koh Khai

Much like our previous visit, the speedboat will take a short break at Koh Khai. The star of the place is this stone gate which were formed naturally. Though not in the photo, visitors were already on their way towards the gate so my chances of getting a nice shot of the gate was pretty much gone.

View from Mountain Resort

Afterwards, the speedboat finally took us to the actual Koh Lipe island. We headed towards the resort  (Mountain Resort) that we were staying in.

Same as our previous visit, we picked Mountain Resort again. I mean, the view was just too amazing! 

We put our stuffs down and head down the beach for a stroll before heading towards the market area for dinner. 

We saw these dogs approaching us as we strolled along the beach. There wasn't much visitor when we were there, I guess people were already at the market place. It was already getting dark.

 Resort cat

Since Mountain Resort is situated quite a distance away from the market area, we have 2 options. We can either walk all the way through the village area or we could wait for the resort's truck. They have a few trucks that will pick up and drop off people to and from the resort. We were hungry for some  fresh seafood so we opted for the truck ride instead.

 Lazy cat

I actually saw the same cat on the following day at the same spot. Must be its napping spot.

As expected, the market area was crowded as it's approaching dinner time. Again, as per our previous visit, we picked the guide's recommended restaurant. 

The freshness of all the seafood was amazing. After asking for our preference, the guide took charge and started picking a couple of fishes, prawns and squids.

These prawns are my absolute favorite! The freshness and juiciness was incomparable to the likes in Kuala Lumpur. These were freshly caught daily and you definitely taste the difference.  

No dinner is complete without proper authentic Tom Yam which is not photographed unfortunately, instead, I snapped this green curry. I did not managed to snap the rest of the dishes as I was already too busy getting my hands dirty stuffing myself with delicious prawns. 

 End of part 1. Stay tune for more or check out our visit to Hat Yai, Thailand. Bye!

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