Koh Lipe revisit Part 2, Thailand

It's day 2 of my revisit to Koh Lipe, Thailand. The main activity will be snorkeling and some island hopping!

This is our ride. We don't usually use a tour guide when we travel but the perks of having one here is to have the entire boat to ourselves. We get to stay at a location as long as we want without dealing with other visitors. 

Thanks to one of my friends, he brought along his waterproof smartphone. This photo was actually taken by one of the guide, he dove right in without any diving gear and took this neat shot. 

The guide also dove around and brought us this puffer fish. Fish got molested so much it ballooned up in no time.

Look what he found. A....club?

After a tiring session of snorkeling, the guide took us to an island where most of the visitors had their lunch. 

The meal was a simple rice dish with curry chicken coupled with some watermelon. It was prepared by the guide. 

The island was not totally unequipped, it has several toilets and a neat lil path inwards the island to check out. We didn't spend too much time on land, I guess it's understandable.

After the lunch, we took our sweet time and messed around before headed towards the next spot.

Next stop, Koh Hin Ngam.

So this follows the tradition (I believe in Korea?) that the higher you stacks these rocks the better your fortune or your luck gonna be. Almost the entire island's surface was filled with these rocks and it was scorching hot, so remember to not leave behind your sandals!

After some stacking, it's time to head back to the resort.

There was sometime before dinner and we messed around on the beach again. The same dog was there, guess we're in his turf. 

After we're done, it's seafood time.

Almost got tempted to try but was still very full from the seafood feast.

The good thing about Koh Lipe was the good balance of crowd and quietness. It's not too busy or quiet. If we wanted to visit the crowded area, we'd simply check out the market district where most of the visitors were hanging out. 

If we wanted to chill, we'd head to the market grab some beers and head back to the resort and hang out.

Kid must be hungry.

Doubtful of the final destination of the mail.

There were quite a few of cafe-like restaurants that seemed pretty chill and relaxing. Though we decided to instead hung out at the resort after some strolls.

Alright, that's it for the day. I guess everything else got too drunk from here onward. Bye!

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