Sydney, Australia

After numerous arrangements and scheduling, we finally got ourselves a family trip. It's also a trip to visit my niece and sister, also my brother in law in New Zealand.

After the tiring flight, we had around 6 hours of free time in Sydney, Australia. We contemplated if we should head out and visit some places or we should stay in the airport. 

Though, after checking with the lady at the information counter, we had an idea of roughly how long it'll take for us to visit a few places and still had enough time to catch our next flight. 

We also checked out our transportation options and decided that the four of us would be cheaper to get a cab. And boy, it's anything but cheap. 

We got in the cab and the middle eastern cab driver seemed nice. After knowing where we're from, he seemed eager to share his cab experience in Malaysia. Heh, I guess we all knew where we're headed in this conversation. 

He talked about how he was charged RM80 for his ride from the hotel to a restaurant not too far away. And that he told the taxi driver that he's a muslim too and he's fine paying but he do not condone such behavior. 

After all that, we got off the taxi and boy, it was literally the most expensive taxi I've ever ridden before (after currency conversion). The ride was around 10-15km and the fare was approximately RM120 lol.  

We decided to check out Circular Quay which was recommended by the nice lady at the information counter. 

The weather was nice, not too warm not too cold. The place was not too crowded as well. But other than the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, there's nothing much. 

 But it's still better than sitting on a bench in the airport for 6 hours.  

Creepy face. I guess it'll look awesome during night time when everything is lit up. Too bad, can't wait. 

With around 45 minutes before our next flight, we fetched another cab and headed back to the airport. It's gonna be another 3-4 hours of flight to Christchurch, sigh. 
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