Osaka, Japan

We’re finally leaving Kyoto (reluctantly) and headed towards Osaka.

Quick side note for Kyoto, as mentioned in my previous blog post, there are way too many locations in Kyoto to cover. So I’ve not actually included everything in these blog posts. If you want the complete itinerary, click here.

With that out of the way, let’s have a look at Osaka. We arrived in the evening. After checking in to the hostel and leaving our luggage, we headed towards Dotonbori (about 900m away from our hostel).

We’ve spent the remaining of the day exploring Dotonbori. The place is just packed with everything....

along with people of course. -.-‘

The neon signs filled up the street with life, something we don’t see in Kyoto.

We tried out these grilled giant scallops and the famous takoyaki.  

Next morning, we headed towards Kobe but I’ll write about Kobe in a different post. So I’ll be focusing on Osaka alone for this post.

We headed towards Osaka Castle. Famous for being impenetrable during Sengoku era.

Even though it was pretty much destroyed multiple times and rebuilt, it’s still massive.

Inside, you’ll find a lot of replica/authentic relics that emphasizes the civil war.

Pigeon man just outside the castle. ( I went to the castle again recently but he’s not there L).

Alright, as usual, stay tune for more!
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