Bentong, Malaysia

If you are Durian lover like me will never want to wait any longer time to taste King of Fruits - durian. Therefore, me and my friends decided to go bentong enjoy the taste of the durian.
Bentong is a town in the Pahang, Malaysia.

qiang qiang qiang qiang ~ Mountain King durian. 
Manage to take 1 photo becoz durian wolf's hand uncontrollable

Before durian buffet, we go eat breakfast somewhere in the town when we reached bentong.

Beef noodle 

Very big size wan tan Mee

After that, we go to the chamang waterfall ,also known as ‘Lover’s Falls’.The view is beautiful and the waterfall is spectacular, its a good place for relaxing.

a refreshing cool water

how bout 2010, 2011 ?

hairy leg

View taken from bridge

Getting There
Follow the Karak Highway from Kuala Lumpur towards Kuantan. About 90km away from KL city.

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i like durian~

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)


Yeah it's the best in Malaysia! It's actually our main reason to go bentong hahaha


Actually Scarlet, do you mind providing more info about the whereabouts of that durian farm in Bentong? Actually quite a big fan of durians here lol.....thanks for your blog. It really did keep me going when I'm bored :D


Hello, thanks for dropping by. The location is not fixed as the stall may not be there every year. We just drive around Bentong and check prices. The taste of the durian is about the same in the area. So we'll just pick the cheapest one lol. These pics are not taken from a durian farm, they're from a road side durian stall vendor.