Day 2 in Hualian, Taiwan

Hualien (花蓮) is a city famous of its scenic spots and beautiful place and also to tour the famous taroko Gorge

Train to Hualian from taipei ( 3 hours ride)

 One of many scenic views seen enroute to Hualien

yay ! Finally reach Hualian train station. 
Stall outside train station

Our lunch before start journey

Wanton (扁食)

Shakadang Trail 砂卡礑步道

Crystal clear water

Super Geng !! 

Native shop in Shakadang Trail

Bought 2 owl. 
Believe that owl will bring luck.

small little cute mao mao cong.

Yanzihkou 燕子口 (Swallow Grotto) 

Toilet sign for men

Colourful dustbin for different material

Chimu Bridge 慈母桥
(Motherly Devotion Bridge)

Frog Rock (青蛙石)


Hanging bridge (吊橋) near  Yue Fei pavillion (岳王亭)

  Xiangde Temple 祥德寺

Last destination 

  The Eternal Spring Shrine (Changchun Shrine) 长春祠

Unable to go Changchun Shrine as the path closed due to rock fall down

How to go Hualian from Taipei ?

By train

There are frequent trains from Taipei, and depending on the type of train, the journey can take from two to four and a half hours. 
Express trains (Taroko Express) take 2 hours.
During peak travel season, train tickets are sometimes are hard to get. It is recommended to book your trip early to ensure your seat. 
Click here --> Taiwan train timetable

[edit]By plane

Domestic airlines connect Hualian with all of Taiwan's major cities. It a thirty minute flight to Hualien from Taipei's Sungshan Airport.

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