Church of Visitation, Malaysia

Church of Visitation (Seremban) is the oldest parish in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese (1848) in Malaysia or the entire South East Asia?

Though born and raised in Seremban, it was my first time to actually enter the great church. I've always wondered what's inside when my mum drove by on the way to my school.

When I stepped out of the car, I saw huge crowd of people leaving the church and the massive doors were still open. I told myself "Finally, after 25 years". 

It's not really my first visit, I've walked around the structure but never inside as the doors are always closed. I guess I should use my common sense more and visit on Sunday *facepalm*.

At this moment, they're closing down the windows and doors; one by one. So I hurriedly snap more photos before they kick me out (they won't la lol).

More photos below.

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