Day 3 in Hualian/Taipei, Taiwan

On third day,we decided to bike ride along the beach in the morning before travel back to taipei. (Bike was provided by ming shu) 

Ride from Nambin Beach, can't remember much but riding along the coastline next to the ocean.

Mini garden in ming shu

Found cute painted rock along the cycling road


Bought some muazhi nearby train station before ridding back to taipei

coffee biscuit

                                                 Dinner in Q square (京站百貨公司) 

Big squid set

Where i stay ?

花蓮海景民宿被浪打到 Ocean BnB
Address:花蓮市海濱街 12 號
Booking Time: 8:00-23:00 陳先生、陳太太
Booking Hotline:0986-193093
Tel:03-8337816 (not for booking room)

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