Namoo on the Park, Malaysia

Namoo in the park

So Scarlet recently saw someone posting about a rice beef burger that looks crazily delicious (by actually writing this I'm drooling again), but we'll get to the burger part soon. That's not only the unique thing about this place (aside from its weird/unique name).

The moment I reached there, first thing that struck me was the unique design of the shop. It's a lil bit industrial and retro, kinda good mix of both.

Then as usual, the menu was provided and woah, the menu was on some wooden clothes hanger lol.

With or without the menu, the rice beef burger must be ordered. So the food came and I've tried holding back my hunger and managed to snap a few photos.

The delicious kimchi soup with rice. Scarlet said that it's different than the soup that she usually gets outside (somewhat creamy and not just spicy).

So the munching begins. And aside from the delicious rice beef burger and kimchi soup with rice (which was also nice), Scarlet ordered a mocha and look how they presented it.

She kinda felt bad destroying something so prettily prepared :(

Once, I'm done satisfying ma stomach. Time for some random shots of the place (mostly just the entrance cause I don't wanna look like a creep snapping photos like a tourist.).

That small box with "620 ROUNDS" on it, that's not something that I always get to see. It's an ammunition box. 

Okay, after the dinner. I took a stroll outside since the place itself is pretty (Publika).

Of course, it was taken with the dog's consent lol

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Yes, the kimchi soup there is awesome. Besides that, you should have tried the Korean Pancake as well.


hi neVen, thanks for the comment, will try Korean Pancake next time.