Grafa Restaurant, Malaysia

Recently was looking for an interesting joint for dinner. Found this place (Grafa Restaurant) established by a bunch of graphic designers. So, decided to visit the place.

grafa menu board

Upon reaching the place, there's this huge blackboard with some graffiti-like font art. Those are actually the available dishes.

The concept of the restaurant is to have a store + restaurant (what I heard from an interview with the owner). And I guess a lot of the merchandise is bike related or some sort (didn't really check).

The design of the restaurant is kinda neat. Not too fancy to shoo away youngsters.

I think those are actually tables and seats tucked away. Too bad the place was not full otherwise this could be an excuse for them to showcase this.

Scarlet ordered a special beverage (could be our issue, we haven't tried/heard this before, not once), Ribena longan - RM8.00. They're generous with the longan for sure and the size of the beverage isn't small.

Nasi Goreng Ketam - RM18? (can't remember). The rice is quite nice, the taste of rempah and space is very mouth watering. Though the rice is a bit too oily, especially at the bottom part of the rice. The side sauce is also nice, not too spicy. Oh, and it's not only Ketam, it also has prawns and sotong. The amount of seafood is plenty! Very worth it.

I've ordered Parmesan Chicken with Pasta RM20. It's very mediocre and bland. Not only that, they've also added chilies (notice the green and red spots). I can't and don't enjoy chilies. The taste of the chicken was very average. And with chilies + tomato sauce + cheese, I can only find the dish spicy. Only good thing about this was the portion.

The portion of the dishes are huge!

More photos below.

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